I would just like to thank you for your course which helped me get a much better score on my SAT's. This has particularly helped me for College admissions and I would like to tell you I have received admission at Columbia, Carnegie Mellon, McGill, UCL, Imperial and AUB. Thank you again and I hope you will help students get to their dreams as you have helped me. R.A. May 2012

If it wasn't for the serious time and effort you expended on me, I wouldn't be where I am today. Thank you for all that you have done for me. Best wishes, BK. May 2012

I thought I'd let you know how I did on my SAT's yesterday.
The math section was surprisingly easy, I was able to do all questions except one grid-in I'm not sure about.
But I was a bit disappointed by how I did on the reading. I did fairly good up until section 9 where I had to guess on one question and leave one blank. I know I have got a minimum of 2 incorrect or so. The writing section was okay. I wasn't too pleased with my essay but I never am. I just hope that I do get a 10.
Thanks a lot for all your help during my preparations! TA Oct 2013. Admitted early acceptance, Harvard.

Hello Yvonne! Just wanted to update you on my scores until now: CR 660, Math 700, W 760. I'm going to give it my best when I take it one final time in autumn. LB May 2014.

Throughout the years that I have known Yvonne, she has played a significant role in the lives of many children, providing them with insightful guidance, and helping them take off in the right direction towards their future. Yvonne has an innate disposition that assists her in transferring information from herself to any student with ease. Time and time again, Yvonne has proved to be a great mentor. S.C. June 2014

I appreciate all your help! Couldn't have done it without you! I've been conditionally accepted at Warwick
Kings and Kingston. CD June 2014.

I'm in for HEC, ESSEC, ESCP! I got accepted everywhere.  CD June 2014

I really want to thank you Mrs.Nasr for everything you've done for me, I wouldn't have gotten all these acceptances or waitlist's without your help and I sincerely thank you for keeping in touch with me to provide support and guidance for me even after we finished all the applications. :) AB May 2014