Overseas College and University Consultation

Our admissions counseling will help you with your research and your application for universities in Lebanon, the UK, US, Australia and Canada. However, we want to emphasize from now, it’s not about getting into the best college or university, it’s about getting into the college that is the best fit for you.

1. Long-term strategic planning for younger students.

We will work closely with you and help develop a feasible plan of achievement that recognizes the value of your long term effort.

For top ranking international universities and colleges you need to plan early from Grade 9 and build up an outstanding, rounded, high school record - when determining acceptances, elite institutions will not only look at your SAT, school grades and recommendations, but they will also want to know about:

- The difficulty of the courses you have taken at school
- Your community service
- Your work experience
- Your participation in sports and cultural activities both in and out of school
- Any awards you have won

2. Application assistance for students beginning the college application process for undergraduate and post graduate studies.

Some students might leave themselves short of time for college applications. If you are feeling swamped by decisions about which university or college to apply to, then we can offer you practical and objective advice on how to get accepted by your best fit university.

We offer hourly consultation sessions that will enable you to work on your application so the real you shines through – if you want to submit a hard copy, we’ll even help you post off the application after you’ve filled it all in.

The counseling includes support with

- University short list: a range of selections that fit you
- Common applications and other university applications
- Financial costs of overseas study
- Pre-departure orientation